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Dr. Friedman's Professional Experience

Clinical Psychology | Business Consulting | Business Consulting Experience

Clinical Psychology

Psychologist in clinical practice (1987-present), Private practice, Pleasanton, California since 2001; previously in Loma Linda, California, Pasadena, California, and Redlands, California.

Psychologist practicing in a multidisciplinary holistic health and healing center (2002-2004), Health Medicine Institute, Lafayette, California.

Post-Doctoral Intern/Psychological Assistant/Psychologist in a multidisciplinary community pain management clinic (1986-1990), Behavioral Medicine Center, San Bernardino, California.

Pre-Doctoral Intern/Psychological Assistant in private practice (1977-1987), Fullerton, California, Claremont, California, Upland, California and West Hollywood, California.

Pre-Doctoral Intern/Psychological Assistant, in-patient and out-patient internship in Behavioral Medicine (1982-1983), La Palma Intercommunity Hospital, La Palma, California.

Psychotherapist/Out-patient volunteer clinical intern at Los Angeles County community clinic (San Vicente Center) (1976-1977), West Hollywood, California.

Clinical Psychology | Business Consulting | Business Consulting Experience


A Core Vision for Business Consulting

© 2011 by Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

A Baker's Dozen Principles—
Skill Sets for Effective and Sustainable Results

  1. Do no more harm; take away all ammunition; make very few mistakes; seek to understand
  2. Thoroughly listen; multi-perspective; small changes = big differences; optimize strengths
  3. Presence (i.e., inhabiting the here-and-now moment): Giving attention to support the company's good and to one's good with smooth interactions with co-workers
  4. Witnessing (i.e., see ego-mind in presence): Build ego as tool; shed ego as false self
  5. Build good will / good faith as the foundation for interpersonal trust and integrity
  6. Direct communication (no gossip, hidden agendas or passive-aggressive behaviors)
  7. Tolerate conflict and debate with mutual respect and patience for important issues
  8. Recognize and practice the three components of commitment-making (i.e., public statement of intention, actions, time/date); clarify what counts as desired "results"
  9. Take self-responsibility and self-accountability; release all resistance / extra stress
  10. Complete all tasks (Zeigarnik Principle) one at a time; freely let go irrelevant tasks
  11. Practice complete communications (i.e., intention, feeling, thought, request/need)
  12. Quickly see and clean up harm that results from using inappropriate words/actions
  13. Create a company culture of mutual appreciation, gratitude and respect; encourage light humor, fine cooperation, high productivity, a low stress environment, and have fun


1. Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now (1997)
2. Patrick Lencioni, The five Dysfunctions of a Team (2002)
3. David Marcum & Steven Smith, Egonomics: What Makes Our Ego Our Greatest
Asset (or Most Expensive Liability)

Clinical Psychology | Business Consulting | Business Consulting Experience

Buisness Consulting Experience

Socher Insurance Agency, Foster City, California: Conducted behavioral/competency-based interview assessments of key employees, provided verbal feedback and written documents of overall assessment and recommended targeted interventions to upper management, engaged in group and individual business skill-building/strategy designing on conflict resolution, effective communication, mutual support, functional leadership and team building, 2010-2011.

FirsTeam, Fabric Restoration Service Team, Hayward, California: Conducted business consultation with key employees addressing conflict resolution, effective communication, and functional team building, 2007.

Toyoto Motor Company, North America Parts Center, Ontario, California: Conducted “Fitness to Work" and "Off Work" psychological assessments of key personnel, 1999-2000.

Chevron EAP (Employee Assistance Program), La Habra, California: Therapy with EAP employees, 1993-1996.

George Demont Otis     Ross Valley, Autumn 1942

CPC Hospitals, CPC Rancho Lindo Hospital, Fontana, California: Weekly pain management groups, 1990-1995.

Scott Specialty Gases, San Bernardino, California: Organizational behavioral assessments, 1995.

Superior and Juvenile Courts of San Bernardino County, San Bernardino, California and California State Licensing Boards, Sacramento, California: Assessments, quarterly reports and testifying, 1987-1996.

KVCR (91.9 FM), radio broadcaster, San Bernardino, California: Weekday commentary alongside National Public Radio News, 1991.

San Bernardino City Unified School District, San Bernardino, California: Biweekly supplemental skills workshops/case consultation for elementary and intermediate school counselors, 1987-1988.

Aerojet, Azuza, California: Conducted workshops on team building, burnout/stress management and habit control, 1982.

Eli Djeddah and Associates, Los Angeles, California: Head counselor/site administrator of job search counselors, 1981.

Orange County Criminal Justice Council, Santa Ana, California: Proposed, conducted and generated periodic reports on three innovative community programs and one cost-benefit analysis, 1979-1980.

George Demont Otis     Sunny Meadow 1931

Currently affiliated with MVPSeminars.com in regard to offering:

  • Business Training (Topics: Communication, Stress Management/Wellness, Conflict Management, Mindfulness/Presence)
  • Executive Coaching (Topics: Achieving Peak Performance, Managing Change/Conflict Management, Listening Skills/ Leadership, Transforming Performance Anxiety/Public Speaking).
  • Keynote (Topics: Listening Skills, Communication, Managing Change, Healthcare/Stress Management).
  • Public Speaking (Topics: Mindfulness/Presence/Witnessing, Communication, Healthcare/Stress Management, Wellness/Health).

Currently an Accredited Consultant and Project Manager with World4Brains.com in offering a wide variety of consultant services worldwide:

  • Psychology
  • Coaching
  • Motivation
  • Education and Science 
  • Parenting and Divorce
  • Marketing Plans
  • Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Government and NGOs
  • Stagecraft
  • Literature                                             
  • Philosophy
  • Self Help
  • Love and Dating
  • Health and Beauty Care 
  • Mental Health
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Writing and Translation
  • Think Tanks
  • Theater and Opera
  • Arts and Crafts                                             
  • Spirit and Soul
  • Religion
  • Success Skills
  • Lifestyle and Hobby
  • Counseling and Recovery
  • Market Research and Surveys
  • Human Resources
  • Article Writing
  • Private and Personal
  • Music and Songwriting                                             

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