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balancing mind and heart, body and spirit

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While Dr. Friedman is no longer with us, there are still many helpful resources on his site. Articles and resource links have been relocated to the top. His family hopes you might find them helpful. But since this site is no longer being updated, some links may no longer work.


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Dr. Friedman's Credentials

Licenses, Certificates and Education | Further Education | Professional Memberships | Complete Resume (pdf)

Licenses, Certificates and Education

"Psychologist": Licensed in Clinical Psychology in the state of California since 1987, License Number PSY 10092.

"Approved Consultant" : Certificate of advanced standing in practicing and teaching hypnotherapy, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH), Awarded in 2002 and re-certified to the present.

Ph.D. Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California; awarded 1986, Social Psychology

M.S. California State University, Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California; awarded 1979, Clinical/Social Psychology

B.A. University of California, Irvine in Irvine, California; awarded 1971, Philosophy

Licenses, Certificates and Education | Further Education | Professional Memberships | Complete Resume (pdf)

Further Education

2012 Science of a meaningful life: Self-Compassion and emotional resonance, Addiction treatment update.

2011 Radical love, Gottman couple therapy meets non dual wisdom, Lucid dreaming, Power of changes in perspective and action locally being a global game-changer, Nondual practice in everyday life, Clear seeing and deep relaxation at play, Spaciousness in psychotherapy, Living fully and authentically in the dream world in the light of who you truly are, Nonduality and freedom in everyday life, Creating a sacred relationship, Self-inquiry—Discovering the non-duality in duality, Relationship and the undivided, Awakened relationship, Authenticity and transparency in a clinical relationship.

2010 Risk management in specific high risk areas, Nondual perspectives, Perspective taking, Embracing absolute hopelessness, Trauma through unconditional Awareness, Finding wisdom in the body, Substance abuse counselling from a nondual perspective, Nondual psychotherapy and the depressed client, Enlightenment—You can't get there from here, The power of premonitions, The inner revolution of spiritual awakening.

2009 Understanding the raging adolescent, Taking in the good, psychoneurology of positive and negative experiences, Nondual therapy and inquiry approaches, Somatic Experiencing (SE) for trauma, Re-patterning, mapping the process of transformation and nondual awareness, interface of neurological research and nonduality, creative inquiry from a nondual perspective

2008 Nondual psychotherapy (pure awareness, listening and speaking from no-mind)

2007 Advanced training using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)to transform trauma, nondual psychotherapy (the realization process and embodiment of relationships)

George Demont Otis     Sonoma Coast

2006 Successful depression treatment, nondual psychotherapy (deconstructing beliefs through inquiry, Yoga Nidra in therapy)

2005 Levels I and II EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), nondual psychotherapy, advanced team skills for collaborative divorce, working with children in divorce, relational empowerment in couple therapy

2004 Aging and long-term care, attachment issues, domestic violence, psychology of creativity

2003 Attachment issues, characterological psychotherapy, hypnotic techniques, treating post-traumatic stress, breaking pre-existing negative trances

2002 Resilience, energy psychology, characterological psychotherapy

2001 Disaster mental health, extensive training in Collaborative Divorce, characterological psychotherapy

2000 Practical effective approaches to pain control and symptoms, working with challenging couples in couple therapy, characterological psychotherapy

1999 Training in Gottman's marital therapy, training in professional / business / personal coaching

1998 Treatment of depression using Ericksonian approaches, clinical hypnosis for pain and psychosomatic disorders

1997 Energy psychology, using hypnosis in treating dissociation, training in brief Ericksonian therapy

1996 Training in drug and alcohol abuse, training in hypnotherapy

1995 Training in the treatment of neurosis and depression

1977-1994 Clinical hypnosis and medical hypnoanalysis, transpersonal hypnosis, working with multiple personality (dissociative identity), ego-state therapy, assessment and treatment in pain management, human sexuality, assessment and treatment of child abuse and neglect, advanced training in guided imagery and hypnosis, assessment, treatment and extended training in characterological psychotherapy.

George Demont Otis     Toward the Bodega Bay

Licenses, Certificates and Education | Further Education | Professional Memberships | Complete Resume (pdf)

Professional Memberships

American Psychological Association

California Psychological Association

Alameda County Psychological Association

Contra Costa Psychological Association

American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Anxiety Disorders Association of America

American Philosophical Practitioners Association

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy

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