Zabel – Concert Etude No. 2


6 pages

Difficulty (6/7)

Albert Zabel is famous for his Am Springbrunnen, better known as La Source, which was hailed as the most performed harp piece ever. Yet he composed many other attention-worthy pieces, all in a mid-century German romantic style.
In his Etude No. 2, which could be called a “song without words”, a simple cross-fingering pattern creates a magic intertwining of melody and accompaniment, as the tune is delineated by the thumb gliding seamlessly over its own undercurrent.

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This edition by Alice Lawson Aber Count from 1970 has been carefully revised by Dominique Piana, the performer in the recording. It was originally published circa 1900 by W. Zimmermann in the third volume of his Harp Method.


Zabel-Concert-Etude No. 2

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