Stahl – Gedenken, Elegie op. 49, for cello (or violin) & harp


6 + 1 + 1 pages, difficulty 7/8 for the harp

A slew of solo and chamber music pieces by Ernst Leopold Stahl were published by Carl Giessel junior in Bayreuth at the cusp of the new century (1900-01): Les Adieux/Abschied op. 41; Serenade op. 42; An der Quelle, Salonstück op. 50; and Marguerite, Gavotte-Caprice op. 56, all for solo harp;  Schelmerei, Scherzo op. 52 and Romanze op. 69 for violin & harp; and Nocturno op. 66 for flute, violin, cello and harp. This repertoire was later taken over by Zimmermann Verlag.

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If one pays attention to Stahl’s dates, which might be approximate, he must have died tragically young, yet created an impressive body of work! Gedenken op. 49 for cello (or violin – a separate part is also provided) and harp, to be translated as “Memory” (think in memoriam), was dedicated to his “unforgettable” son Adhémar, who sadly must have passed away in infancy.Stahl-Gedenken

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