Schubert – Impromptu, tr. D. Piana


Genre: Early Romantic
Difficulty: 8-9
Pages: 4

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Schubert Impromptu, tr. D. Piana


At the entrance of the romantic era stands the towering figure of Franz Schubert (1797-1828). After his death, the recognition of his genius spread across borders and cultures, and the devotion for his lieder reached mystical proportions. As the romantics – Liszt most famously – sanctified his musical inspiration, harpists also invited themselves to the banquet, producing many harp arrangements of Schubert’s most beloved songs. Among them are Félix Godefroid, John Thomas, Beatrix Fels, and Anton Zamara. The editor has access to a few more old editions worth reprinting and awaits feedback from her harp colleagues on this subject.

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