Poenitz – Drei leichte Stücke


Songs Within:
1. Ständchen
2. Die Spieldose
3. Wiegenliedchen

Genre: Romantic
Difficulty: 4-5
Pages: 4

Franz Poenitz was the oldest of the three harpists (the other two being Posse and Holý) employed by the busy Berlin Royal Court Orchestra at the end of the 19th century, and is barely remembered today, despite his wide range as a “complete musician” who also contributed greatly to another rare instrument, the harmonium. On one hand, his music was “conservative” in a heavy chordal style reminiscent of Brahms, on the other he was a visionary taken with spooky harmonies, old myths and medieval lore, who projected unique musical ideas onto his compositions.

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Drei leichte Stücke (Three Easy Pieces), by Franz PoenitzPoenitz Drei Leichte Stucke sample page

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