Poenitz – Abendfrieden and Nocturne for harp op. 77, nos 1 & 2


5 + 12 pages

Difficulty 6/9


A man of heart and spirit, the harpist Franz Poenitz of Berlin stood out as an incomparable human being, charming everyone with his warmth and congeniality. No other than the famous soprano Lilli Lehmann wrote his obituary, and Alfred HolĂ˝ wrote a masterful Elegie in his honor. His op. 77 was among the last pieces he composed and reflects the mindset of a nature-loving man, enjoying the peace and quiet of the evening (Abendfrieden – a shorter meditation), then alternating night moods or sleep cycles (Nocturne – an expansive, almost epic tour de force). Commentary is included.

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Franz Poenitz Abendfrieden and Nocturne for harp op. 77


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