Oberthür – Sur la Rive de la Mer, Impromptu op. 117


Genre: Romantic
Difficulty: 6
Pages: 8

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Oberthür Sur la Rive de la Mer, Impromptu op. 117


Charles Oberthür (1819-1895) enjoyed a successful cosmopolitan career that took him from Germany to France and Belgium. He finally settled in England, living as a perfect English gentleman. Since his recent bicentennial, a re-evaluation of his contributions is definitely in order. Like Bochsa, he composed prolifically, flooding the market with a constant stream of harp pieces, both original and arranged. He did more than anyone else to establish a universal and popular vocabulary for the harp, which lasted past the jazz age. Unfortunately, his famous Method is now out of print. However, his favorite technical and expressive ideas survive in his charming 12 Exercises and 24 Preludes.

Oberthür Sur La Rive de la Mer, On the Seashore, boasts an idyllic, picturesque setting. Imagine a breezy afternoon on the beach in the era of gracious long dresses, the strollers drinking in the view and the rippling sound of the waves. Of medium difficulty, it is the perfect piece to learn expressive arpeggio playing. Students are introduced to the three-handed technique with its accompanying use of synonyms. The pedagogic aim is obvious, but the caressing feel stays with you long after the song has rung out. It’s a little more difficult than Chanson de Mai by Hasselmans, while covering some of the same techniques, and more, while also more whimsical.

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