Krumpholtz – Sonata no. 3 for harp, op. 13


Sonata no. 3 for the harp or piano, op. 13,

ed. A.L. Aber-Count,

12 pages (difficulty 7/8)


Jean-Baptiste Krumpholtz Sonata no. 3 for the harp

Krumpholtz Sonata 3
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Jean-Baptiste Krumpholtz (1747-1790) has now been recognized as the foremost 18th century harp virtuoso, composer, teacher and innovator of the harp. During his apprentice years, he enjoyed close associations with the Viennese composers Wagenseil and Haydn, but came into his own after moving to Paris in 1878. You can read his autobiography (translated into English from the original French) in the collection of Préludes et Airs, or savor some of his innovations such as harmonics, finger and pedal slides, as well as PDLT effects in Sonatas and sets of Variations either reprinted from 20th century harp historian Alice Lawson Aber-Count’s Harp Publications or newly edited by Harpiana.


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