Hopf – Albumblatt and Gavotte op. 2 for cello & harp (or piano)


3 + 4 + 2 pages

Difficulty  6/7 for the harp

Hermann Hopf’s op. 2 was published by Carl Giessel junior in Bayreuth in 1903. Two contrasting pieces for cello are paired to good effect, to be accompanied by the harp, yet also playable on the piano.

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In Albumblatt, the accompaniment occupies the middle to medium high range of the harp in a way that allows the instrument to make its mark, whereas in Gavotte, which seems to have attracted the attention of cellists over the years, the accompaniment is rather pianistic in nature, set around middle C and often hovering in bass clef to match the lower range of the cello. Like much chamber music from this era, these pieces are rather Brahmsian in character, with a classical awareness of form but an underlying romantic expression. Hopf’s stylish Gavotte brings to mind the famous Gavotte by Gossec.Hopf- AlbumblattHopf- Gavotte

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