Hasselmans – Deux Romances sans paroles


Hasselmans, Deux Romances sans paroles (Two Songs Without Words),

No. 1 Cantilène op. 41,

No. 2 Simple mélodie, op. 42;

ed. D. Piana

5 pages ( difficulty 5/6 )


Hasselmans Deux Romances Sans Paroles

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Alphonse Hasselmans represents the next (and last) generation of the romantics, and is recognized as the founder of the modern French school of harp. As the professor at the Paris Conservatory, he taught all the prominent harpists of the 20th century: Renié, Tournier, Salzedo, Grandjany and others. His works for harp, often composed with a pedagogical purpose, also reveal a highly refined expressive palette. Cantilène captures the “turn of the century” mood perfectly, wistfully foreshadowing the sad ending of la belle époque.