Dolmetsch – Cantilene from 15 Pieces for piano


Victor Dolmetsch, Cantilène from 15 Pieces for piano, tr. Hasselmans for cello (or violin) & harp, ed. D. Piana,

5 + 1 + 1 pages

Difficulty (5/6)

Cantilène started out as a piano solo found in a set of 15 Pieces for the Piano, op. 3, that was first published in 1878. It reflects the fluid style of music performed in the Parisian salons of that era, unpretentious yet well-crafted,  attractive in its melodic invention. It caught Alphonse Hasselmans’ ear, who in turn transformed it into a mellifluous work for cello (or violin) and harp. A great encore piece, or a companion piece in a recital featuring French romantic to impressionistic repertoire.


Victor Dolmetsch, Cantilene from 15 Pieces for piano


Victor Dolmetsch hailed from a German-Bohemian family of musicians and instrument-makers that settled in France. He was a first cousin of the renowned early music specialist (Eugène) Arnold Dolmetsch. He studied piano with Marmontel at the Paris Conservatoire and later became a music critic for Le Ménestrel.

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