Braga, La Serenata (The Angel’s Serenade) Légende valaque


Braga, La Serenata (The Angel’s Serenade) Légende valaque, for violin or cello and piano (or harp)

5 + 1 + 1 pages, Difficulty (5/6 for the harp)



The Italian cellist Gaetano Braga (1829-1907) is mainly remembered for this piece, originally set for voice with cello (or violin) obbligato and called Leggenda valacca, which used to be immensely popular and was arranged for many different instrumental combinations. The present facsimile publication features a version for violin or cello duo with piano, yet playable on the harp. It is interesting to revisit works that used to have so much effect on people in the past, and see if their magic still holds up. It certainly demands more than straightforward playing: one must channel a style of playing in the romantic Italian opera vein and declaim like a singer.


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